I love your classes because you've got such a great personality! You're fun and energetic, which is very motivating and makes class time fly by!

--K.C. (Lexington, KY)

​I really enjoy the #SIUWS classes because they are super fun, I can use the dance moves when I go out and Shayla makes me feel like I can do everything. I love when she says, "Come on! You can do anything for 60 seconds." I use that mantra to motivate myself when I workout on my own as well, amd it really helps me.

--Y.C. (Elizabethtown, KY)

I enjoy your class because it is energy filled. You keep me moving and motivated! Love it!

--C.M. (Lexington, KY)

Shayla definitely delivers a great workout! She makes you want to get stronger and hit those goals! And when you do, it feels amazing!!

--A.P. (Lexington, KY)

Non stop hour of power and sweat 💪❤️

--C.H. (Lexington, KY)

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Results may vary depending on age, amount of weight to loose, diet, and exercise.

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